Blog | Noah Dettwiler with success and a lot of learning in Barcelona

Noah Dettwiler

Hello everyone,

How are you doing? I am fine.


I just came home from the last race in the European Talent Cup on my favorite track of Barcelona-Catalunya. What I like the most about this track is the layout. It has got really fast sectors in it where you need to have courage and also a lot of trust in the bike and in the tires. But it also has sectors who are very technically where you need to catch the corner correct to make a good lap time.


Me and the team tried a lot of things on the bike that it is optimal for my riding style. My team chef Alessandro watched me when I was riding and told me things where I can improve. And with my mechanic Fillipo, I always did the evaluation after the sessions.


After my mechanics did some changes on the bike that it was optimal for me, I tried to improve my riding style and the lap time. I noticed that the bike felt different. I could brake much later. Sometimes it is difficult to improve the lap time when there are a lot of riders in the group. It is good if you have slipstream, but sometimes other riders ride different lines and it is difficult to improve your lap time.

We are in the European Talent Cup around 60 riders this is why they do two groups for the trainings and qualifying's. But only the first 19 riders of each group are qualified for the main race. We were some riders in the same second. In both qualifying's I only made the 23rd position. I came back very sad in the box that I hadn't qualified because there wasn't missing a lot. I made tactical mistakes where I am missing the race experience. I had to race in the ETC Series 2.

On Sunday morning in the Warm-Up I had a good feeling and I returned in the pit as the fastest rider. This feeling gave me a lot of self-confidence for the race. In the race I would start from the 8th position.

After I watched all the other races, I had the race at 4.00 pm. I had a good start and I went from P8 to P4. Already after the first lap I was on third position. After the second lap already on P1 where we changed the position corner by corner. I was in P1 when in the 4th lap one rider crashed hard and it was red flag.


After more or less 30 minutes we did a restart. It began the same battle between the same riders as before. But 3 laps before the finish I could stay in the first position until the checkered flag. I won the race in the Series 2.
Me, my parents and the team had a big joy, and all were happy. After this win I got a lot of self-confidence. We drove hard but fair and we had great fights.


The next race will be in Assen (Netherlands) with the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies cup where I am looking forward. It will be a weekend again where I will and need to learn a lot. With every race that I ride I am working hard to improve myself and I am happy that I get the support from the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and all the crew.


I will tell you soon about the race. See you soon in Assen.

Best regards,


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