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Noah Dettwiler

Hello everyone.

How are you all? I am still thinking back to the race weekend in Jerez (Spain). It was a big pleasure. Except the crash it was a very nice weekend. But a crash is part of racing.


I'm feeling better. My hand is fine. I was at the doctor. He took away my plaster after one week and now I only have a protection around my hand for the recreation. Now I am at home for two weeks. Now I have time for sport that I can do with my hand, like running. It is very nice to run in the forest.


I also have time to go to school. I need to do a lot of exams. All exams that I have missed when I was away, I need to do them in two weeks.


I also have time to visit my family. How I already said is my family very important for me. I go a lot to my grandma. She also really like the motor sport and she is a very nice person. She watches every race of mine, and her dream is that I come to the World Championship.


I haven't trained with motorbikes these two weeks for save my hand. But at home I played different tracks where we race this year on the play station. Specially Mugello the next race.


I already raced on this track in real and it is a beautiful track. It is tricky and difficult, but it is a big pleasure to ride there.

Next week I will start training with motorbikes again. Then I can stop to do these dry trainings (main photo).
I hope you have a great time.

See you soon.

Noah #55

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