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Nicolás Hernández

Hello everyone,

In today's blog I will start by telling you that being part of the riders of the Red Bull Rookies Cup for this year 2018 filled me with many expectations and to be at the level of this great choice. I began to train with a personalised physical trainer. He has taught new techniques and skills that I did not know I had.

I practice boxing every day in the afternoon after school with my personal trainer either in the gym or at home, the training is based on enhancing my reflexes, the loose movements, resistance and concentration, of the most important to make a good work on track. I exchange some days the physical training with the bicycle to strengthen the cardio.

I have never thought about lowering my guard and in my mind there is always the idea of continuing to dominate the motorcycle better every day. For this I train at the Motorland Aragón circuit and I test my limits, my ability to move and strategy.

It is also very important to practice the mental and spiritual skills, if everything is in order inside, it will be reflected outside and I will give the best of me on the track. For this I listen carefully to the advice of my coach, someone who has experience and knows theme.

Greetings to all, many successes See you soon on the track,

Nicolás Hernández
@The_pichu 44

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