Blog | Nicolás Hernández reflects on 2018, thinks of 2019

Hi everyone,

We have already started the preseason.

A season was finished in which I learned a lot both at a sporting and personal level, I surpassed myself in many techniques, I managed to learn new movements, to be more agile, faster.


I identified myself more with the motorcycle, and I also learned that when one tries something with effort, dedication and a lot of passion everything is possible and dreams are fulfilled.


Always in my head is to continue with my progress, giving 100% of my physical and mental abilities and in this preseason I hope to give the best of me, I keep training with my personal trainer in the gym and in the tracks.


During these months I have had the opportunity to be at several motorcycle GP races with several of my friends, which has left me this beautiful race and experience in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, see these races from the outside, they are very useful for correcting techniques and learn from the best.


I continue with my preseason to get stronger than ever to the new tests.


See you soon #Gas


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