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Nicolás Hernández

Hello everyone,

Ready for the next week? I am mentalised 100% and preparing myself day to day to present some excellent tests in Jerez. Red Bull Rookies Cup here we go!!!

As I've told you before, it's important to be physically and mentally prepared and that's what I've been working hard but an additional language is something that is taking a large part of my time since my native language is Spanish and we know that in order to interact and fulfil the commitments of the Red Bull Rookies Cup I must master English, that's why after school I'm going to an academy where they help me perfect it.

Personalised training is still part of my routine so after the English classes I meet with my coach, we are strong!!!
Last but not least, the dominance of the bike, we have trained hard, knowing my limits and leaving it ready to give a good test in Jerez. Last week we were at the Estoril circuit in Portugal, in the first test of the ETC (European Talent Cup) where I proudly belong to the Machado team.

We had some faults but it was the perfect scenario to know where we should continue working.

See you in Jerez, counting the Hours!

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