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Nicolás Hernández

Hi Everyone,

One day I had a dream and that dream today becomes reality, we started the tests in the Red Bull rookies Cup.

They were difficult tests but full of learning and new experiences like running a Moto3 bike as it was the first time for me.

In Jerez the idea was to meet the companions, team work, try the bikes and give the best of us for testing and so I did.

My companions are very good and that will make the competition more full of emotion and adrenaline. It will be a difficult competition but very enriching, ¡I'm sure!

We completed a week of much training and returned home motivated to continue working the goals: to make a very good mark in the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

The dreams become bigger every day and there is great hope to fulfil them. To see the support that many give us is very gratifying and motivating to be better every day and keep the name of my country high.

The "El Colombiano" Newspaper (one of the most important Newspaper in Colombia) made us an article telling of my experiences in the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Thanks to all and greetings. See you soon,

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