Blog | Nicolás Hernández with his best race in Misano

Nicolás Hernández

Hi everyone,

At Misano, I had a good start, it was a new circuit, but I was able to adapt quickly, I only had some problems in the quick curves. P20, 2.342 off pole.


With the help of the technicians we managed to improve the problem with the suspension, but still the bike still bothered me a little, however, we improved. P20, 1.834 off.


Then it was QP and I had my best so far, taking a step forward, we managed to classify P18 1.280.


On the day of the race, I had bad luck, when I was leading position 11, just 7 laps before the end, I had a fall. A shame because I was quite comfortable and I was strong enough to be able to fight, but unfortunately I couldn't finish.


This race helped me though, from every race I learn something new and I see that I am getting better and I'm closer to my goal.


We will work at 100% to get better than ever in Aragon.

See you in Spain,

Greetings to all,


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