Blog | Mykyta 'Nick' Kalinin trying too hard in Brno

Mykyta 'Nick' Kalinin

Hello all,

At the last GP, I received a very important lesson for my life and racing career.

Brno is one of my favourite tracks. Fighting there always brings me great pleasure. I know this track so I wanted to show my best result there. But that great desire worked against me.

Despite a good start to the weekend, a great psychological pressure, some technical problems and the difficult weather conditions in the second race - Left me in the back.

For me it was important to analyse everything that happened at the Brno GP. And I concluded that too much desire does not always lead you to your goal. You have to keep calm, give your 100% on track and enjoy the race.

After returning home, I again participated in Ukrainian Championship in STK600 class. I had a great race from the start to the checkered flag. After the start I got ahead, and then I was able to control the gap between the rivals.

I'm pleased with the result but the main thing is that I helped my team to achieve first place in the team standings.

I am very grateful to everyone who supports me and I'll see you in Misano.


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