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Mykyta 'Nick' Kalinin

Hello everyone!

Holidays without the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup are coming to an end and I'm already looking forward to the moment when I will race again with 23 of my friends.

At the German Grand Prix I had a difficult starting position, again I was able to get into the top 10. Achieving my mini-goals motivates me to work for more progress. During the break between the stages, I continued my training.

I live near the sea so even the rest I have turned into a workout. Swimming, cycling and road racing became my chief assistants in preparing to the upcoming stage in Austria.

Besides the usual training, I took part in the national Supermoto championship. At the competition were riders from all over Ukraine and those who are riding at the world championships. There were a lot of struggles on the track for two days of competition. These battles replaced dozens of training sessions and brought special pleasure.

Now I am ready for this first acquaintance with the Red Bull Ring. This will be a very busy month for me and other Rookies.

Thanks to everyone who supports me!


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