Blog | Mykyta Kalinin hard riding on the edge of the points in Brno

Mykyta Kalinin

Hello all,

Following a well-conducted race of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Brno, I decided to share my positive emotions with you.

I want to thank in advance to the whole Red Bull staff for professional work and positive atmosphere, which helped me a lot in the race.

From the very first free practice I liked the track. After the first session we made a couple of manipulations with the suspension and I got a lot of confidence. But unfortunately, in qualifying, I didn't put the best sectors together in one lap.

From the first laps to the end of the first race, my friends, Argentine, Slovene and I exchange positions. In the end, I finished at the beginning of our group, in 18th place.

The second race was a bit more interesting because I was fighting in a larger group. Generally I was fighting for 13 position but failed on the penultimate lap, so I finished 16th.

See you in Silverstone.

Thanks to everyone who supports me!

Best wishes,

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