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Matteo Patacca

Hi everyone! It´s Matteo Patacca here!

As everyone could see, I missed the Dutch GP in Assen because during training with my flat track bike, unfortunately I fell off and I broke my collarbone.

It was a stupid accident, but I was not fit to ride the bike, so I was forced to watch the the Red Bull Rookies Cup on the TV screen with a bit of envy because I couldn't be part of the group and I couldn't do the thing that I like more than anything.

Now i'm doing a lot of therapy and I feel everyday better, so I will leave Italy to be back with you in Germany for the coming weekend and to ride my KTM on the Sachsering track.


As everyone can imagine, I cannot wait to be with other riders on the track to for touch my knee on the asphalt...

See you in Germany!!



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