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Martin Vugrinec

Hi Guys!

A few days ago, I came back from Assen where I was racing the 3rd and 4th race of a Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup season. It wasn't the best weekend for me, but I can say that I made a certain move. Unfortunately, I crashed in both races. While I managed to re join and finish the first one in 18th place I was not so lucky in the second one.

I am slowly starting to get well, both with the bike, although we are not the best friends yet, and the whole team. I am working better and better with the trainers and mechanics and the atmosphere between the riders is getting more comfortable and I think that things will get better for me. Even if it sounds awkward, a lot of professional people are telling me that my progress is big and obvious, although I don't see it that way.


Unfortunately I got into a series of crashes that every big rider have to go through on his way to the top, in my case, that series couldn't come at a the worse moment. With help of my dad, I figure that I can't think about the crashes and negativity because that leads to nothing. I got to go in the race relaxed and with no pressure.

I did that in the second race. I had a good start and a nice battle, I was climbing through the grid and I really enjoyed it for the first time since I am a Rookie. Unfortunately a bad luck caught me. I lost the front four laps before the finish. Luckily I am ok and I'm physically and what's more important psychically prepared for the Sachsenring.

Until next blog, best regards.

Martin Vugrinec #44

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