Blog | Mario Aji excited for the second Rookies race weekend

Mario Aji

Hi everyone!

I got a good experience at the race last week. At Le Mans I felt confident in the race week because of the wet track conditions.


But the first lap was a rider who hit me from behind and I could not continue the race. From this race I learn a lot. It was unlucky. Don't give up and keep up the spirit.


Prepare in Barcelona before the Mugello race starts. I practice hard with motocross. It was fun but also tiring.
I try to adapt quickly to this Mugello circuit and tried to look better from the previous race.


In the first race of the season, at Jerez I managed to finish in the top 10. I like the Mugello circuit characteristics because there is a lot of corner speed. I will do my best for this weekend. We'll see this week's race and see you on race day.


Thank you and hope you enjoy my blogs!


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