Blog | Marcos Uriarte has trained hard for Assen

Marcos Uriarte

Hi everybody!

Now, I am going to tell you how I have been preparing for Assen's race.

The last few weeks have been very difficult because I have been doing the last exams of the course and, on weekdays, I have trained in the gym, with the bike and I've practiced motocross.


I usually spend two hours and a half in the gym, I work very hard doing balances and exercises with my own body. After Mugello's race, I have been working physical problems with my shoulder.

Also, I have trained motocross with my new 125cc. Motocross helps me work my physical condition and the concentration.

I have trained with my mountain bike. I usually go to the mountains and the coast that it's what I enjoy most. When I go to train in the bike, I go with my uncle and my cousin, who is rider too. With them, in addition to training, I have a great time.

Now that the course is over, I have started doing climbing. I have so much fun doing it and helps me to surpass myself.


At weekends, I went to train to the Kotarr Karting in Burgos and to the FK1 Karting in Valladolid with my Supermotard 450cc and a RMC 80cc of two-stroke to train technique.

Kind regards to all,



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