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Manuel González Misano

Hi all,

Last weekend in Misano was very unlucky for me. I'm going to talk about it. We started the free practice 1 and 2 learning the track and improving the bike with not many problems. I was improving every session and I felt good with the bike.

But the main problem was in the qualifying session. In the worst possible moment. I was trying to follow one of the top riders since the beginning, but at the end of the first lap, I made a mistake and went out to the gravel. When I was trying to come back to the track, the bike stopped and I lost more than 10 minutes pushing my bike to the pit lane for the auxiliary starter.

Then I got again onto the track with a fast group, but they were waiting for other riders to follow them and get a good lap, and they were braking me and I couldn't make a good lap time.

When I finished the session, I looked at the telemetry with Dani Ribalta, and he told me that I improved a lot on the braking points, and if I didn't have those problems, I could be in the top 12 and not in the last positions.

In the race, I started very well and I overtook a lot. I was positioned 16th in the 2nd lap and then I was in a group with Sean and Patrick, it was difficult to overtake Sean, and we lost a little time from the front group and they went far ahead of us.

In the last lap I was 1st of the my group in the last sector, Sean overtook me in the last corner but I was faster going out of the corner and I overtook him again.

I finished 16th and I continue learning and improving with the KTM. The main lesson of this race, is that if you go out of the track you can never let the bike to stop. In motorbike racing you never finish learning things.

In Aragon I will try to be in the leading group because it is home race and I'm very confident. I like that circuit very much.

But this week am back again in the Spanish Championship at Cheste after some months. I will try to be on the podium again.

See you in the track! ✓ Manugasss#18

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