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Makar Yurchenko

Hello everybody!

I am here again to tell you about my successful weekend competing in Russia, on 6-7th of June.

This weekend was very busy and very interesting for me: I was participating in the 3rd round of Russian Supermoto Championship 2015, in the 3rd round of the Russian MiniMotard Championship and the 2nd round of the RSBK (Russian Superbike Championship International Cup).

All 3 competitions were held in the same track and the same weekend! It was some kind of a moto-marathon for me, which was a perfect endurance training at the same time!

So on Thursday, 4th of June, I was training on the Supermoto Yamaha YZF-450 bike. We were working on the setup of the bike, especially on the front fork, because I had chattering, but we were able to make some changes and improve the bike. After Supermoto training I did jogging in a beautiful park, breathing fresh air and enjoying Russian nature that I am missing sometimes while being in Spain for my trainings this year.

The next day early in the morning my father and I made a trip to the NRing circuit where the competitions were held. So on a sunny Friday I was adapting to Yamaha YZF-R6 (2006) and learning the track, which was new for me. I liked that circuit a lot, it is very interesting and technical, though it is not long. Length is about 2,7 kilometers and finally my best laptime was 1:13,7. The end of start-finish line is bumpy, so on hard braking from 240 km/h the bike was making stoppies and this was an amazing feeling! So on Friday I made 6 consistent practice sessions, improving myself, bike setup and the laptime with my team DMC ЦСКА.

On Saturday we passed all the verifications to compete in Supersport EVO2 category (RSBK), where it is obligatory to have stock engines, comparing to Supersport category. However both classes were competing at the same time in the same track, just the results were separate. Anyway my Yamaha was a completely stock bike, except the front fork and rear shock.

On Saturday we had 2 more free practices to improve the setting of the rear shock and the spring. We made a change to avoid excessive movements on the bumpy exits of the corners. After that in the qualifying session I grabbed 1st position in EVO2 category, and 4th position overall on the grid with 3 Supersport top bikes in front!

Sunday was the hottest, the busiest, the most interesting and the most important day of the weekend! A 15 minutes Warm-Up showed that I improved again my laptime and I was ready to race! We had 2 races, each 19 laps.

The first race started great for me: making a perfect dart from 4th position I overtook 3 Supersport bikes and entered 2nd corner in 1st position! I was leading first 12 laps with great feelings! On 12th lap World Supersport rider Alexey Ivanov (who was starting from pole) caught me. Unfortunately Alexey made a mistake on the braking, trying to overtake me and hit my bike. We both went out of the track and finally my bike didn't start again.

During all the second race I was battling with 2 guys from Supersport category: Alexey Ivanov #61 and Sergey Krapukhin #55. It was a nice battle, but I couldn't show my skill 100%, because I still had to make races in Supermoto and MiniMotard.

Finally I grabbed 1st place in my category Supersport EVO2 (I want to thank my team DMC ЦСКА for the perfect work during all the weekend)! I was enjoying so much every session on the circuit, moving my limits, improving, improving and improving!

The same day I was racing Supermoto and MiniMotard also. Here are some words about those races:

MiniMotard: I won pole-position by 0,2 seconds from Vladimir Leonov (podium finisher in World Supersport Championship). Both races we had an awesome battles with Vladimir! I finished on 2nd podium position in both races, and overall too. Thanks to my team JMC Factory 2015 for support! We are working to be better in the next round!

Supermoto: Changes that we have made on Thursday's training helped me to grab pole and win both 17-lap races with a big advantage. It was an incredible feeling, to ride a Supermoto bike on such a fast circuit, passing curves in 4th gear and sliding at the same time! I am very happy with my team AvtoMotoAlians!

All in all it was an amazing weekend with a lot of experience! I want to thank everybody for the support, because I appreciate it! I am working everyday to be better and to achieve my goal! I am looking forward to upcoming races of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Assen on 26-27th of June! Cannot wait to ride my KTM RC 250R there and to show better result!

You can always find the latest news from me on my Instagram account: instagram.com/makaryurchenko76, and as always I am here to post my latest news! For any other info you may refer to my web: makaryurchenko.com!



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