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Makar Yurchenko Макар Юрченко

Hello everybody!

I want to tell you about 7 & 8 rounds of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Brno.

During all the weekend the weather was really hot, sometimes outside temperature was more than 35 degrees Celsius.

Brno is the circuit that I know, because I was riding here in 2014. Anyway I made 1 lap walking to remember all uphills, downhills and fast turns of this fantastic track!

Friday went pretty good for me. During free practice 1 the bike wasn't working well, but it was enough to get acquainted with the circuit. I worked with technicians Santi and Irwin (main photo) and we change the setting, so I improved in the 2nd free practice.

With new tyres on qualifying I had confidence but finally I finished in 11th position. It was not the grid position I was looking for. But I was surely looking forward to improve in the races!

Saturday's race was the shortest race for me in Rookies Cup as we had a collision with Rory Skinner on the braking into Turn 3 of the first lap. It wasn't my fault at all, Rory hit me because he missed the braking point.

The collision ended up in a gravel, my bike was damaged and I couldn't continue the race. It was such a pity because I've missed my chance to fight! I had nothing to say, only had been looking forward to a better race on Sunday!

On Sunday race I started keeping my 11th position, but already on 2nd lap I overtook 2 riders, came to 9th position and was there to fight for Top-5. I was really confident with bike and on 2nd lap I set my personal lap record (better than in qualifying).

Unfortunately in turn 14 of the 3rd lap Mattia Casadei tried to overtake me, but there wasn't enough place for him, he pulled the front brake, his front end lost traction, bike crashed and hit my bike, so I crashed too. Such a misfortune!

So both races I finished in gravel, which wasn't my fault. Disappointed about that but such moments stimulated me a lot to fight in the next races!

After race weekend in Brno I continued my training, and I was training even more, to be stronger in Silverstone!

I want to thank everybody who supports me, I appreciate this a lot!

Thanks and see you in Silverstone, on #BritishGP!


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