Blog | Makar Yurchenko happy to be in action but robbed of day 3

Hello everybody!

I am going to tell you about past tests of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Jerez.

I arrived on Sunday evening, and I had some time to go to the track and to see who was there already. I was so happy to meet some people from Rookies Cup staff, and I was even happier when I met all the crew on Monday!

On Monday we tried all our awesome team wear, which I like very much, and also I put on my perfect Alpinestars gear and leather suit.

With my Rookies Cup mate Nikita Kalinin from Ukraine, we got together to draft Russia and Ukraine to "Make Sport, Not War", being friends to each other. I would like to appeal against the decision to make a war between two nations who were always close to each other. Together with Nikita Kalinin we will try to show that there is a possibility to solve problems without a war: let's solve them doing Sport! Let's support each other and achieve a fair result! Sport always united people and I am sure it will be always this way!

Finally, on Tuesday, on our first riding day in 2015 I was on the bike! I was very focused, adapting to the bike, but enjoying a lot! It was a positive day, improving session by session, and already setting better time than last year.

On Wednesday I had more laps on the track. It was hot and sunny weather during all the test days in Jerez, so it was a bit tiring, but I was ready for it! I was working to improve the bike setup with Santi and Irwin from WP, and we did a good job together. I set a new personal record again.

On Thursday we had a free day, with fun photo shoots and important briefings. Also, I was working on the bike setup, and we made serious changes to be faster. But on Thursday night I got stomach virus and did not have force to set new limits for myself. I wanted to make with the other Rookies the practice starts, trying to gather all force and finish tests with a big hope to take maximum from Friday's sessions. Unfortunately I had to make a step back and finish trainings at this point – the doctors from the medical centre recommended me to have a rest.

Anyway testing days were very positive, I enjoyed them a lot! And it was so nice to see again all Rookies Cup staff, and especially my KTM RC 250 R! I was excited to meet all Rookies and to speak with them, to get acquainted with newcomers!

Despite the fact I couldn't show my best time during this test I am sure I will do it in May! I am happy to settle a good connection with my bike thanks to the Rookies Cup staff and I am ready to break limits this May in Jerez!

Looking forward to the 1st & 2nd rounds of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Jerez, on 2nd 3rd of May! See you there!



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