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Makar Yurchenko

Hello everybody,

I am here again to tell you about the 1st & 2nd rounds of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2015, which took place in Jerez, Spain, and about the 2nd stage of the Russian Supermoto and MiniMotard Championships which were in Moscow, too!

So I arrived at Circuito de Jerez on 30th of April, Thursday morning, and spent all day in paddock. I was very happy to see again all the trucks and teams of MotoGP and of course our Red Bull Energy Station and our Rookies Cup garage with the best KTM bikes!

On Friday and on Saturday it was really hot outside and the sun was burning! It was about +45C degrees in our garage! So these weather conditions made the next 2 days pretty tough for all of us physically.

Anyway practice on Friday went pretty good, I adapted to the circuit and the bike during FP1, we made some changes in the setup, and in FP2 I have improved. During Qualifying Practice I set a good lap time and finally got 9th position for the starting grid! The bike setup was good, and I didn't want to make more changes before the first race on Saturday.

At the start of the race I suffered problems with the clutch, which didn't allow me to get a good position on the first laps. The leading group of 9 riders started to go further away lap by lap and I stuck in a second group which was battling for the top-10.

It was definitely my first experience battling in such a close group. We were constantly overtaking each other fighting for leadership. In the last laps I made few mistakes which did not allow me to take a place of the leader in the group. So I finished the race 14th and claimed 2 points for the championship. It was a nice start of the season, but I was not going to give up on this result as I am able to show a better one!

On Sunday, 3rd of May, it was 4-5 degrees less outside, and it was cloudy, so the weather turned out to be more favourable to all of the riders and we had more grip on the track.

The start of the second race was better, but, again, I got in the second group of riders, battling for top-10. Most of the race I was a leader in this group, but in the last laps the battle became tough with all the riders fighting for the positions. I was fighting till the end! Finally I finished 14th and took 2 more points.

It was an amazing competition! I enjoyed the weekend and the experience I got during that weekend in Jerez battling in groups. And I am very happy to have a chance to race in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup! Now I am training hard for the next round in Assen, I am working on my mistakes and looking for a better result in Netherlands!

But this is not the end of my blog! I have more news for you, guys! On 17th of May I took part in the 2nd stage of Russian Supermoto and MiniMotard Championships where I got first places!

The competitions were held near Moscow, on a circuit named "Firsanovka". On 15th and 16th of May (Friday and Saturday) it was raining non-stop and I got nice experience riding in wet conditions, sliding and having such a fun! I was riding these two days on a Supermoto Yamaha YZF-450 and a MiniMotard JMC 160 PRO. On Sunday the rain stopped, so track was half-dry and half-wet during all the race-day.
Some technical remarks and personal feelings from riding during 2nd stage of the Russian Supermoto Championship:

Supermoto: I spent all day riding on the front rain tyre and a rear slick. This setup allowed me to feel confident on the wet asphalt, also in the dry. I was pushing hard and I won the race! I am happy about that victory because the setup of the suspension was far from the perfection. But despite this I was able to show a good result. Anyway we are working on the bike now with mechanics, and I am going to have some test days before the next round searching for my best possible result.

MiniMotard: I was riding with slick tires all day long. During both races I was battling with my JMC team mate Aleksey Smirnov, who had more powerful bike and a lot of experience in wet conditions. But I grabbed 1st place in both race stages and became a leader of the championship!

The next round of the Russian Supermoto Championship is going to take place in Nizniy Novgorod on the circuit "Nring", June 7th, together with the 2nd round of RSBK (Russian Superbike Championship International Cup 2015).

I am working hard and with big passion and desire to achieve step by step the results I want. And I am extremely happy to be a rider of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup! I am always available in my social network Instagram.com/makaryurchenko76 @makaryurchenko76 to share the experience with you and always to stay in touch! Thanks everyone for support!


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