Blog | Makar winning at Supermotard in Russia

Makar Yurchenko

Hello, everybody!

I want to tell you about the last weekend (20-21 September). It was the final (5th) round of the Russian Supermoto Championship, which took place on a karting circuit in Kursk (city). Kursk is 500 kilometers from Moscow, the capital of Russia.

Supermoto tracks consist of an asphalt part and a dirty part. This track in Kursk is a very technical one, because there are no long straights, there are a lot of different corners, and of course the dirt part with berms and jumps.

I have tried a supermoto bike only two times, for a couple of sessions, so last weekend in Kursk it was a completely new experience for me. I like the geometry of motocross bikes, because I spent 5 years riding only motocross, and my feeling on motocross bikes is very good!

I had two days of practice sessions, and the race day. I was riding a Yamaha 450. The 450 has a lot of power, it was really difficult to control it! Well, I started practice sessions from the bottom, but I was improving very fast and constant. At the end of the day I set a lap time 2,5 seconds slower than the fastest rider. On the next day I was improving more and the speed was higher. From session to session I was improving my lap time.

Finally, On the race day, I won qualifying with 1.2 seconds gap to the second!!! I was absolutely surprised when I saw the results! It was my third day on the bike, everything was new, but I was really fast, faster than the last years champions!

All in all I won overall first place! It was absolutely amazing weekend! The most difficult part for me was the dirty part of the track. Because riding slicks on the dirt - is a completely different story! And I was losing around a second on each lap there, but I was winning two seconds on the asphalt part!

Also I was riding in a different style with a knee down (not with the leg) to the asphalt, and I was the only one riding like this.

I want to thank very much my father, who helped me during all the weekend! I had a great pleasure to be there and to find out what is - supermoto!

I hope this unforgettable experience will help me during the last rounds of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, in Aragon, this weekend!!!

See you all there!!


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