Blog | Makar representing Russia and moving to Spain

Makar representing Russia and moving to Spain


The 2014 season is finished, and already now it is time to prepare for 2015! After the Aragon rounds, on 12-13 of October I went to race in Supermoto of Nations, representing Russia, with two other riders. It took place in San Martino del Lago, near Cremona, Italy. This track had long straights, fast corners and flying dirt section! Unfortunately the weather was not good, on Saturday (qualifying) during my sessions it was between wet and dry and it was difficult to choose the tyres and to ride fast.

One rider lose the front on braking and crashed into me, during Qualifying race. My teammates, both had problems with the bike. So the Russian team went to the last chance race on Sunday morning. That race was fantastic, because I managed to be 2nd on the first lap, then leading, then again 2nd and 3rd, it was a nice battle on a nice speed in top 4, but after on the dirt section, in a deep rut with bumps my front wheel jumped out of the rut and I fell down. Anyway it was a fantastic weekend, a lot of experience!!

Also at the end of October I changed the school. It was difficult, because now I will meet my friends less often. But now I am studying in a distant school, so I can spend much more time doing my favourite job: racing and training! Also, I moved to Spain, and I live in Lloret de Mar. It is a big change in my life.

Last week I went to Russia for 5 days, to see my friends and family! It was so beautiful there, because everything was white, covered with rime! I was riding my bicycle in the park in -7 degrees Celsius and enjoying beautiful views!

Now I am back in Spain, training!


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