Blog | Makar injured in a CEV race at Le Mans

Makar Yurchenko

Hello everybody!

Last week I participated in the second round of FIM CEV Repsol championship. It took place in Le Mans. It was a new track for me. Practice and qualifying were hard for me, because I had to show good times, but I was still examining the track and getting used to it.

Finally I qualified for the race (at the back of the grid, but I did it). I tried to do everything possible to prepare for the race, but bad luck awaited me there. When the red lights turned off, everyone accelerated fast towards the first turn, but one of the riders - Davide Pizzoli - made a mistake (I think he stalled his engine). My big mistake was that I did not notice him, so I crashed right into him.

The race was red-flagged and delayed. I regained consciousness only the next day with 2 broken arms. I did not remember anything since I put the first gear on the starting grid. I spent 3 days in Le Mans hospital, where I had a surgery on my right hand. Thanks a lot to all the members of my team, who visited me in the hospital after this awful accident. Thanks to everyone, who wrote letters of support to me, it means a lot to me.

Now I am home, in Russia, recovering. That is why I won't be able to see you all on the second round of Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Mugello. I would like to wish you concentration and attention, which are so important during training and races. Thanks, and good luck to you all!

Thank you!

Best regards,

Makar Yurchenko #76

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