Blog | Makar finds that he likes the rain in Misano | 2014

Makar Yurchenko

Hi everybody!

I missed Silverstone due to documents problems. I missed a lot of races already because of my injury, and now I missed two more. I am so disappointed about that. It is really difficult to race on the same level with other guys after you have missed half of a season!

But now I want to tell you about the past weekend in Misano!

Friday was a rainy day. It was so amazing to have a completely wet track, it was my first time riding the bike on the rain tyres on the 100% wet track. It was a swimming practice, but lap by lap I was improving my lap time, second by second, it was not so fast compared to the other riders, but it doesn't matter to the feelings. I had a great pleasure riding this session, feeling that the bike is sliding all the track, it is inexpressible!

On the second practice and qualifying I had the same incredible feeling! And also I was able to show a lap time in the top 15. It is my best result in any practice of the year.

For qualifying the rain stopped and the track was getting drier during the session, but most of it was still wet. Unfortunately in the middle of qualifying, while I was on P12, I crashed, while braking to the first corner. So at this point my qualifying stopped, and finally I was moved to P15.

Anyway I am happy, because it is my best result. The Friday was perfect for me, and now I can understand that I like rain, because I have never been riding rain before, on a big track!

Saturday, the race day, was a completely different story. The sun was shining from early morning, and the track was completely dry. So, for the race nobody had a good setup, because we didn't have any dry practice.

I got a good start, and tried to follow the other guys, but slowly, I was losing positions. And then I stopped losing positions on P20 and finished the race on P20. I was riding for myself, not fast, but surely I was enjoying the bike and the circuit, and the opportunity to be there!

The bike was good, but I was not ready. I was very tired in the last laps, and after the race. That's why I couldn't make a good result.

Anyway, looking forward to Aragon!!

It will be the last race, and I hope, best race!!

See you all there!


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