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Makar relaxing

Hello, everybody!

I am going to tell you about the past weekend in Aragon!

It was a very difficult weekend for me.

On Friday it was a good day with a lot of progress. In the first free practice I was remembering the tests, and was adapting to the track and bike, but made a few ran outs, off the track, the bike was not turning well.

Second free practice was better, I'd found my line, but I didn't like how was my bike on the braking. But it was a nice session, I was really enjoying riding my KTM.

In the qualifying I was very focused, I wanted to set a good lap time, to be closer to the group. From the beginning of the qualifying I was riding with Martin Gbelec, I knew he was 1,5 seconds faster than me, so It could be easier for me to follow him, because he is not 3 seconds faster. So we were riding together, also it was helpful for the speed on the long long straight, in Aragon it is almost 1 km long, so slipstream is very important there.

My best laptime was faster by 1 second (compared to the tests). The rear tyre started wearing out, but it was still 7 minutes to the end of the session. I looked back and saw a big fast group approaching me and Martin (Gbelec), so I thought it was a very very nice opportunity to follow them, to improve laptime and to enjoy the speed. I sat in the group, we passed start-finish line, and as we were braking into the first corner I caught neutral (such a disappointing mistake), I went off the track, and all the rest of the session I was searching for the speed, but alone.

When I saw the results, I noticed that Martin is more than second faster than me, but he did it in the group. I was sad, but I knew it was a qualifying, not the race.

In Saturday's race I didn't get a good start, and it turned out that I was the last one in 5th corner, I really don't know what happened, and why everybody passed me. There was Hanro Van Rooyen in front if me, and we had a nice battle during all the race, it was for the last position, but it was!

After race I was disappointed, because my time was not good. But after the race I was talking to Dani, and he helped me a lot, he told me a lot of clever things and good advice. I am really thankful to Dani!

On Sunday morning I had the end of year talk. I was absolutely the happiest boy in the world, because I am invited for 2015 to race in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup one more year! It is the unique chance for me. I am so happy, because, as you all know, I missed half of the races (7 out of 14). Aaa, it is amazing.

But there was one more race to do in 2014. And it was a completely wet race. But I was relaxed, because it is a last race, I am not battling for the first place or for the podium, not for championship, and I am selected for the next year. I wanted just to enjoy it, to have fun, to do my best.

I made a good start, as the laps were going a lot of guys were crashing, and my position was higher and higher. I was riding again with Hanro, he passed me because I made a mistake, I tried to catch up a little bit, but then he crashed. I was on P14, I was happy, and I knew I had to finish the race. Unfortunately I did something wrong on the exit of corner 5, and it was a highside. I am OK, the bike is ok but I was so sad that I didn't finish that race.

Well, the season is finished. It was not a lucky one, but it was. I want to thank everybody who helped me during 2014, especially my father, without him I couldn't do it, I want to thank all the crew, Francesco, Dani, Santi, Irwin, Gustl, Peter, Wiki, I want to thank Red Bull, KTM, IPONE, Alpinestars, thank you all for giving such an amazing opportunity! Also thanks to Hanro Van Rooyen for the fun year!

Now time to rest a little bit, and already start to prepare for the next season, I will do my best to be on top!!!

P.S. Also, on 10-12 of October I will be participating in Supermoto of Nations (biggest event of supermoto in the world), representing Russia! I will write a blog how it was!



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