Blog | Makar back in action in Brno | 2014

Makar Yurchenko

Hi everyone!

Finally, in Brno, after a big big summer break I got the pleasure of riding the powerful KTM in the Red Bull Rookies Cup after my injury in Le Man on 17th of May! I missed 5 races and lots of practices, so the guys with whom I was battling in Jerez, now are in the mix, in front. But this is experience.

Anyway, the weekend started with free practices with the new engines. In the first practice I had a bit of pain in my arms on the downhill braking. Before the second practice I did some exercises and it was much better. I improved my lap time by 3 seconds. In the qualifying I improved it by 1.4 seconds more.

On Saturday the weather was playing with us. Finally it was a 9 lap race on the rain tyres in dry conditions. I have never had such an experience, so I lost quite a lot of time in the first laps, but then I started to understand what it is. It was a good battle with Hanro for 21st place, and we both did a good lap time on the last lap! The bike was moving so much in this race, it was amazing!

On Sunday there were completely dry conditions. I did not find a good speed in this race, but it was again a great battle with Hanro.
Anyway I finished both races, and I am happy with this! I want to thank everybody who helped me during the recovery and during the race!

Now I am getting ready for the Silverstone, I think it is a great circuit!

See you there!!!!


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