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Karel Hanika


Hey everyone.

The previous weekend at Misano I had a very good time. The weekend didn't start well, because of the weather :/ I wasn't so happy, but anyway I did a very good free session. The most important thing for me was learn the track and I think I did it in a good style.

Then the 1st qualification didn't start very well. The conditions were "half wet, half dry" so it wasn't easy. But immediately after the session start I was kicked out by another rider. My bike wasn't OK so I had to wait for repair by our mechanics, who did a great job!

Then I could restart the session, I rode 3 fast laps and I did my best time for  10th place. The 2nd qualification was really good for me. The track was completely wet, so nobody improved. But anyway I rode great lap times and finished 2nd. I had really big ambitions for the race, so I couldn't wait for the start.

My start wasn't so good. I was 9th, but during the first lap I dropped down on 11th place. Then started my fighting ride. I passed rider by rider and by half of the race I was 2nd. Then I rode the rest of the race behind Livio and read his lines. I think it was really helpfully for me. We changed positions 2 or 3 times.

To the last lap I rode behind him. I tried to pass him maybe 3 times, but without good result. 2 corners before the end I saw my last chance to pass him and I did it! I think it was a hard, but clean overtaking manoeuvre. This shifted me to the lead which I held to the finish line. I think it was one of the best races I have ridden.

I want to thank to my mechanics, family and all people in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

KAREL #98 


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