Blog | Karel takes Brno victory | 2013

Karel Hanika

Hey hey everyone!

On Saturday we rode the only race at my home GP this year. Was incredible. I enjoyed it from Wednesday when I had some news conferences and signature actions with Czech riders and a few more riders from the World Championship.

On Friday we were running in our bikes firstly, then we could go faster. I won both free practices and the Qualy as well. We worked very hard with the suspension mechanics to made the bike right, but still some problems remained as I went into the race. I felt it from the beginning of the race, so I wasn't so confident, especially with the front. That's why I lost a little bit, but then I got faster and caught the guys in front. Also my start wasn't perfect, so wasn't easy at first.

In our group it wasn't necessary to lead, so mostly I was 2nd or 3rd. 3 laps before the end I started to attack the first place and then I was swapping positions with Manuel. Onto the last lap I rode second behind him and waited for his error, which came at stadium section before the most of the fans on the track. They pushed me in front, so I held on till the final climb where we touched elbows, which was so funny and full of adrenalin. I was better on brakes, so I just closed the corner from outside and that made me as winner.

It was a perfect race, great battle. Big big thanks to all fans, family, mechanics and all the Red Bull Rookies Cup crew. Today I fly to the UK for races 10 and 11 in the season. With a nice points advantage I'm looking forward to other great fights.

Race your life!

Xx 98


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