Blog | Karel take Cup win and European Championship

Karel Hanika

Good morning!

I would like to tell you something in this my last blog. About my last two races, it was an absolutely great time at both GP´s. Firstly in Aragon I did another good job in qualy, and I set my 10th Pole in my two seasons. This gave a good opportunity for the race, because I could fight for a victory again. After the start I was in the lead group and I had a great fight with Marcos! We were still changing in the lead and then also other guys passed us in front.

About 6 laps to the end Marcos did a mistake and I could go in the lead. I felt a good chance to pull away and I did it! I rode good lap times till the checkered flag and I could celebrate my 10th victory in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. It was a great feeling and after that and I was super confident to win even my last race in the Cup.

I didn't start well, I was about 7th position, but already in a first lap I was back in front. It was similar to Saturday's race. I was then leading for about 4 laps with just 6 till the end, but suddenly my bike stop shifting and I lost power. I had to stop the bike, because my gearbox was broken. I couldn't finish my dream to win it, but I promise I did my 100%. It was a sad end to my Rookies carrier, but all together it was a really great two seasons there.

I need to thank you all for a great support. Thanks to Wiebke, Peter, Niki, Dani, Xanti, Alex, David and all mechanics, guys from WP, girls in hospitality, truck drivers, RedBull, KTM, Alpinestars, Ipone..., my family and friends, to all my fans, and especially to Gustl for everything that you did for me! Thank you!

About my 2nd good weekend in Albacete just recently at the European Championship. It was great to fight there, we were very fast from the first sessions and in qualy as well. I started 2nd and it was a great chance to do a successful race. It was very similar to the Rookies race. Also a big fight in a big group, which fought for the lead.

I was a lot of time 3rd and 4th, but 5 laps before the end I went to the lead and tried to do my job ahead. I was constant on lap times and that's why I hold it to the checkered flag again!! It's a great feeling to have got another scalp. Also there, big thanks to my team Freudenberg, to KTM for a fast bike, even here and in a Rookies Cup too.

I can't wait to ride the factory bike of Red Bull KTM Ajo. Let's keep the performance! Still full gass and never give up!

Good luck to all my mates from this season!

I hope to see you soon!




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