Blog | Karel at the front but out of luck

Hey everyone,

Last weekend in Assen wasn't very lucky for me, but I'm not worried about it and I'm ready for the next race in Sachsenring. 

Thursday's free practice and qualifications were great, because at the free practice I was 3rd and the main thing is that I learnt this track myself and found a good line and very good feeling on my bike. 

Qualifying started well. During the 1st I was in front and finally 1st. In the 2nd I rode very good lap times, but it was for me very hard, because I couldn't find free place on the track and other riders wanted to ride behind me, so I rode just 4 or 5 fast laps. But finally it was great, because I was on Pole, my second in a row. 

The races weren't finally so successful, but I rode very good races. In the 1st I rode in front all the race, but in the last chicane I rode in the wrong gear and I lost 3 or more places and finally I was 6th. The 2nd race was like the first. Again a very good race, but unlucky at the last chicane in the last lap again. 

I rode 2nd on the last straight and to the chicane I rode behind Alt. I tried to go very hard on brakes, then I hit Alt a little bit and my front brake braked so much so fast and I flew in the air and fell down into the dirt. I wasn't so happy, but now I am, because I am without injury and I can ride this week in Sachsenring.

I brought just 10 points away from this Grand Prix, but now I'm looking to the future in a positive way. In Sachsenring I try to do my best and hope for good result. See you there! 

Karel #98



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