Blog | Karel double Rookies win in Assen | 2013

Karel Hanika

Hey everyone,

The weekend in Assen was my best till now in my Rookies seasons. I did another Pole and in both races I confirmed my form.

The first one was really special. We went away from the pack with Scott and Stefano. Than we each were leading a little time and we had great fight. Just a few laps before the end Scott crashed so It was just between me and Stefano. I didn't want to lead so I let him ride in first place. I watched his line and in the last lap at the last corner I made my move. Just when we were next together he crashed so It was a little bit easier for me.

The second race was much harder for me. I was sixth and I couldn't pass riders before me. Fortunately by half way I was first yet again! I led some laps but 2 laps before the end I rode on the plastic grass at the edge of the track and decided to ride as carefully as possible. I lost 3 places, but very quickly I came back to lead the last lap and then I held it to the end.

I am so happy with my performance this year, and I hope I can continue with another good result in Sachsenring! Just don't miss these races! 




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