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Hi, There!!

I was training today. I rode 50 km on my bike. Training in the 35-degree temperature was very hard. But, it was a very meaningful training.

After that, it sailed into the sea by jet boat. I am using a jet ski for inner muscle training.
And connect the pipe to the jet ski, it flew high the sea level on the "Fly board".

This machine can inner muscle training and balance training. It was a hard training, but it was very felt good because of the high temperature.

I had very fun training today.

The next is scheduled for training in "super moto machine".

I had very fun training today.


I was training in the super moto machine today. I confirmed the rear braking and machine slide.

It was very hot today...
But, I made a lot confirmed by the behaviour of the machine. So, it was a very good training.

It was confirmed today that I will be a weapon from the next race!

Next blog also fun!

Best Regards,

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