Blog | Hanro on the gas in Aragon | 2014

Hanro Van Rooyen

Hi everyone,

This weekend was the final round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup held in Aragon which is one of my favourite tracks.

FP1 - After missing out on Silverstone and Misano, I used this session to get a good feeling for the bike again. I had some front suspension problems but thanks to the help of Santi, I was back on the track in no time.

FP2 - Now it was time to put the hammer down. The air and ground temperature was very hot which made the rear tyre slide in some fast corners. Due to this it was difficult to put a descent laptime in.

Qualify - We tried a different sprocket this time and I improved my laptime by 2 seconds. It was still not good enough to put me in a top 20 position and it was clear there had to be more changes done.

Race 1 -We decided to put a longer sprocket on to give me some extra speed on the straights. I had a great battle with Makar Yurchenko through out the whole race but was unable to beat him on the final lap.

Race 2 - Was pouring with rain which gave me a huge smile because I really like to ride in the rain. This time I had a much better start and already on the 5th lap I was in 13th position. With 8 laps to go the rain had just started to fall again. Unfortunately going into the Corkscrew I had braked a bit earlier to get a better drive out of the corner. I rode over the inside white line and lost the front. I tried to keep the bike going but it just died.

End of the year talk - So in general this year was really tuff for me but I had a lot of great experiences, made some amazing new friends and got the chance to ride on the best tracks in the world. The Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Management Team had unfortunately decided not to select for me a second year. However I would just like to thank all of them for their support and hard work through out this year. It was great to work with them and I will miss each and everyone.

Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity. All the best and good luck to all the remaining Rookies !!

Hanro 21

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