Blog | Gabriel Hernandez learning in the soaking wet of Silverstone

Gabriel Hernandez

Hello Everyone! Gabe Hernandez here!

This round has been tough from the start but I've been learning and improving every session. In Race 1, I got a pretty good start and was up to about 17th. I was able to hang with Emmanuel and Patrik for a while but they left me so it was a lonely race.

Throughout the rest of the race I just tried working on figuring out the bike and learning the track for hopefully a better result on Sunday. I finished in 18th.

Race 2 was different from any other that I had ever done. This would be my first experience riding in the wet and I got to say I really enjoyed it. I got a really good start to the race and was in a group battling with Omar, Olly, and Rufino. During the 2nd lap on turn 11, I went in too hot and highsided.

I was too focused on passing people instead of thinking about the conditions. I did not finish the race. Let's hope that Misano will go well.

See you in San Marino,

Gabriel Hernandez III