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Gabriel Hernandez ends the year well

Hi Everyone,

2014 came to an end and I have to say it was a good way to end it. To start off, I was excited to find out I would be running number 29 in the Rookies Cup for 2015. It is special to me because I have run this number since I was 7.

Our school is having winter break and we don't go back into school until January 12th, so with all this free time I have been doing a lot more dirt riding and a lot more training. At the beginning of December, I was able to do a bit of flat tracking [At Danny Walker's American Supercamp] with former Rookies Cup champion Jake Gagne and AMA Superbike champion Josh Hayes. I had lots of fun and they gave me plenty of tips for my riding and future in Motorsports. Throughout the rest of the month, I was running, playing sports, and using my bicycle as much as I can.

During Christmas, I was able to have some quality family time and eat plenty of food. For my Christmas gift, I got motocross gear which will help me cross-train in dirt! We were invited by one of our local tracks (Chuckwalla) to celebrate New Years. We were able to ride ATV's and have a good time. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my motocross gear so I was in road racing gear.

Happy Holidays everyone! I'm looking forward to 2015!

Gabriel "G3" Hernandez III

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