Blog | Flo happy with race 1 | 2011

Hi guys,

Yesterday the first race so much fun to me. Just before the race it started to rain and my mechanic Frank and I decided to change to another gear ratio for the rain.

Although the start was pretty bad and I dropped back to 17th. Then I started to get into my rhythm and could work well to move forward to the 8th position. At the end of the race the track dried out.

On the last lap I was able to make really good progress 7th but at the finish, I missed catching him by just 0.7 seconds. I did my best lap, 1.5 seconds faster than my second fastest lap. In the end it was the right decision with the gear because I was able to do good laps.

I congratulate Luke for his first victory.

Sunday it's raining and I'm just on my way to the track and look forward to the day.

See you,

Flo # 66

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