Blog | Filip Salač trying a brave comeback in Brno but it was too tough

Filip Salač Brno

Hello everybody,

I'm going to tell you something about Brno and the future.

On Thursday the doctor said that I can race in Brno so I was very happy.

On Friday after first rain practice I had a big high sider and I touch the ground with the injured leg so I had much pain and after training I thought that I won't ride more in this weekend.

But I talked with coaches and we decided that we will try in the dry. I went to the Clinica Mobile and they helped with a massage, rehabilitation and gave me painkillers. It was little bit better but I made few laps and I had to stop because it was painful. I tried in Quali too but after 5 laps I stopped.

The coaches didn't want me to race but I wanted, so I tried and in second lap I got another highsider and my setting wasn't perfect and I was behind so I stopped.

I want to say big thanks to all of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, all sponsors, to my family and to all fans which support me a lot.

Now I'm working to be 100% ready and be back on the top so in Austria I won't go but in Misano I want to be there because it's still 1 month.

I will inform you about my leg and I hope you will see me as soon is possible.

Your Filip#12

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