Blog | Filip Salač putting everything into his Assen podium

Filip Salač

Hello everybody,

I'm going to tell you something about last race in Assen.


Friday was very difficult for me because I had many troubles with my bike. In QP was a bit better but still problems and I was worrying if it will be better for race.

I started from 7th position and I had a good start but I had too much bumps in front part of my bike. I was in group fighting for 2nd place but I wasn't able to overtake them. I finished 5th.


In the second race I had perfect start and I was 3rd in first corner but on the 2nd lap I had a big highsider and I was lucky that I didn't cras. I was back in 10th place and I said in my mind 'now or never' and I pushed on the limit until last lap!


I was able to finish 2nd because I was leading the group in last laps and in last lap I closed my line in the last chicane so nobody overtook me and I finished on 2nd place.


It was one of the hardest race of my life. I was pushing 100% in every lap and after the finish I was really tired.
I want say thanks to all staff from Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup mostly to my mechanic Joan, my family, all sponsors, my manager and to all fans!!


Now I'm training very hard 2 times per day and really looking forward to Sachsenring! I think it will be better!

See you there,


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