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Filip Salač Sachsenring

Hello everyone,

Last week was the the best week of this season for me. There was my first time in Sachsenring and I was looking for the ideal line in free practice number 1.

In the second practice we tried to make a good setting for qualification and it was quite good.

In qualifying practice I wanted to get into in the fast group and I did it. In the last lap I said now-or-never, so I pushed very hard but in the last corner I made a mistake and in the end I was 13th.

It was the best qualification this year for me but I could have been even better.

In the first race I had a pretty good start and in the first corner I was 11th. Then I pushed hard through the first laps and I was 10th but then I had a battle with Omar Bonoli and the first group was faster.

In lap 9 Omar's engine started smoking and his oil splashed on me for 3 laps then he stopped.

I knew that the first group is 20 sec ahead of me and a second group 25 sec behind me so I rode on 60% because I didn't want to crash so I finished the race 10th.

In the second race we didn't know if it would be dry or wet but finally the race was announced as dry.

I had a good start again and I was 11th again. I pushed, I was 7th then Makar Yurchenko overtook me and I saw that he is faster than me. So I wanted to go with him into the first group but Omar Bonoli overtook me and we were again slowed. It was maximum of my setting because my front wheel bumped so much.

In last lap in corner 12, I overtook Omar and I knew that he will be have better exit so I was behind him but he was very hard on the brakes in the last corner and I had better exit and I was 8th.

I was faster than Omar by just only about 0,003 so it was very tight.

I want to say thanks to my helper ( my father ), my mechanic and all the team of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, to my fans and mainly to my mother and little brother!

Have a nice day see you in Austria,

your Filip #12

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