Blog | Filip Salač had a good weekend in Albacete but with a bad ending

Filip Salač Albacete

Hello everybody,

I'm going to tell you about my first round of Junior World Championship in Albacete.

For our team it was completely new experience because it's our first year in this championship.

Free practices were with rain tyres. I have had a good feeling with settings and the bike. I made a good laps and I've got new experiences.

Photo Motokari.cz

In first qualification practice we had a problem with rear tyre so we had to put old rear tyre. In the last lap I had very fast sectors but in the last one slow rider was waiting for any rider and I had to brake. In the end I was 7th.

In second qualification it started to rain very hard for our group. I was in the front positions but I wasn't faster than in first quali practice. In the last 10 minutes I had a small crash when I was entering in to the corner I got a high side.

I was 14th on the grid.

Photo Motokari.cz

On Sunday it was sunny there but we didn't have a dry setting. We didn't test here because I was ill.

In the warm up I was 21st 1,4 second from first so it wasn't so bad for first dry practice.

In the race I made a good start, in the first corner I was 12th but then I was 18th on the 3rd lap so I started to push. I was 14th and than my engine went off. I went out of the track and then to the box. I tried to rejoin to race but in the first corner it made the same so I was out of the race.

I had a broken fuel pump.

For us it was good weekend with a bad end.

I want to say thanks to all fans, sponsors, mechanics, team and my family.

See you in Jerez,

Your Filip #12

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