Blog | Filip Salač changes training plan ready for third season

Filip Salač

Hello everybody,

I'm going to tell about me and my winter training.

First I want to wish happy new year to all.

I was celebrating new year on the mountains and I was skiing with my family.

For this season I've changed my training plan a lot and I'm trying to give 100% for being ready to fight for the championship.

In my physical training I do balance, speed, strength and mobility because I think it's the most important thing for motorcycle racing.

Also I ride a mountain bicycle. It's good like physical preparation. My coach told me that bicycle is motorbike without engine and I think it is the same.

I do a lot of enduro training. It's good for balance, body coordination and working with the clutch. Some times I go to make normal motocross but I prefer enduro. My favourite thing on it is hill exiting.

When you are training hard you need to regenerate and rehabilitate. I want to say thanks to ASC Dukla for help in this important things.

Last week I was training in Spain with Jakub Kornfeil and Dominique Aegerter.

We were training in Circuit De la Ribera with supermoto and 600. We didn't ride only bike we were riding also Jetsurf (surf with engine) it was very nice and It's very good for have a strong middle of your body. It's very funny and adrenaline sport. Many people don't know about it, if you want to know more go on www.jetsurf.com

I'm doing all to make my dream real.

I'm really looking to sit on Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup KTM bike another time!

See you soon! And big thanks to all!

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