Blog | Enzo points and learning at the Sachsenring | 2014

Enzo Boulom

Hello Everyone,

The fourth round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup took place on the superb circuit of the Sachsenring in Germany. It was a difficult weekend for me because - once again - I was discovering the track but also because this track is very complex. Especially the first sector which is relatively slow but where the choice of the line is essential to be fast.

In the first free practice I took some time to understand the different lines and to evolve ridding techniques. I finished this practice at the 19th position. The second free practice was interrupted by the rain after two laps. When we started again the track was half wet but I got the third time. This gave me good confidence in wet conditions after my crash in Assen.

The qualifying practice was cancelled due to a thunderstorm therefore the grid was made with the results of the first free practice. So I had to start from the 19th position for the two races.

In the first race I took a good start but the setting modification that we made the day before wasn’t good. The suspension was too hard and I had a lot of troubles to make the bike turn. I finished 13th.

For the second race, we modified the suspension and I was feeling much better on the bike. I was fighting for the 9th position when another rider pushed me out in a really rapid corner. Lucky for me the bike wasn’t too damaged and I could get back on the track. Then I fought with Darryn Binder which also had a crash and I finished 14th.

It’s already half season and I’m really not happy with my results so far. This weekend, I realised that the level of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is really high and that to succeed I need to be at 200% on the race weekends but also outside the track.

I will take advantage of my holidays to prepare myself at maximum in order to start the second part of the season in the best conditions.

Enzo Boulom, #99

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