Blog | Enzo Boulom with a great wet second at Silverstone

Enzo Boulom Silverstone

Hello everyone,

After passing across the English Channel, we arrived at Silverstone, a legendary racetrack. Again, Alexis Masbou helped me with a lap on his scooter. There is always the same great welcome at the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup with all bikes ready to go.

During the first free practice, I got the same bike I had in Brno and I was confident. I pushed very hard and I made the best time with 0.5s ahead of the others. I still pushed and increased my pace to 0.4s on the first partial. But I was too fast and I crashed. I ended the practice with the 8th time. After repairing my bike, I started the second free practice smoothly. We made some settings on the bike to be better. My feelings were very good and I made the 4th time without pushing too much to avoid another crash.

At the beginning of the qualifying practice, I started alone. I struggled to catch the good slipstream and I missed my chance to make a good result. I decided to make a first flying lap to ensure a good position on the grid. Then, I tried to find a good tow, but it was impossible. I finished 5th and on the second row. The best was that the bike was very good.

For the first race, I made a bad start and I lost few positions on the first lap. I lost contact with the leading group. Thus, I was with Oscar. But instead of helping each other to bridge the gap with the leading group, we fought a lot and lost a lot of time. I eventually finished 6th.

The second race was very different because of the rain. On the starting grid, we decided to soften the bike because my feelings were not good during the three warm up laps. This time, I made a good start to be 5th on the corner and I took the lead before the of the first lap.

I was leading until the sixth lap when Sasaki passed me for one lap. The track was slippery and the conditions were very hard. I took the lead again and I thought that I didn't want to miss the podium like in Assen or Brno.

Sasaki was very fast and easy behind me. I looked behind and I saw that we were alone, so I was able to ensure at least my place on the podium.

I pushed hard but Sasaki took the lead on the last corner. A podium was too important for me. I finished 2nd, 20 seconds of Bo, who is the leader of the Cup.

That was a good week-end which gave me confidence. It was a pleasure to ride my bike there through these two races.

I want to thank the technical staff of Red Bull MotoGP Cup, Ipone, the french federation, LS2 helmets, un temps pour soi and all my supporters.

See you in Misano !


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