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Enzo Boulom

Hi everyone,

I would like to tell you about my midseason tests and training.

CEV test; Albacete
To tackle the second part of the season in the best conditions, we decided, with the team Junior Team Ongetta Rivacold, to make a comparative session between FTR and SUTER, to make the choice of the best motorcycle.

During this day, we worked hard on the settings of motorcycles. The track was very hot, 64°, riding conditions were very harsh, which didn't not prevent me to run faster than the best time achieved by the official Moto3, on this new track.

A very accurate analysis of the collected data will allow us to optimise the choice.

FFM's days.. Circuit Carole

For these two days organised by the French Motorcycling Federation, I went to train with my Suter equipped with a standard engine graciously put at my disposal by the team Ongetta Rivacold Junior Team.

The goal was not to do a time, but rather to ride a maximum to get back to my best form for racing Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup Brno.

A reliable engine but no new tires for these days ... just a few crowns to adjust the gear ratio.

After some adjustments, I established a new track record on this circuit where Lorenzo Dalla Porta won a round of the FSBK championship in 2014

For the second day, the FFM gave at my disposal the bike of Mahindra CIP team for a demonstration in front of president Jacques Bolle and all the leaders of the FFM.

Despite wrong settings, (settings Aragon, chassis and transmission ratio...), after 4 laps, I was again on the lap record before having to give up because mechanical problems.

Actually, the engine which was more powerful than the one, that Ongetta gave me, helps me to earn 2/10 better than my previous record.

But everybody was disappointed, I had to give up before I found the good settings; that was a pity because I was confident, and I'm sure that I was able improve much more, in fact, I could work with 4 gears only, the gear ratio was too long. We could earn, at least, 1 second

I thank the FFM and CIP team which made at my disposal the Mahindra, which let warm me up for this second part of the season.

Now, heading to Brno, where I'll join all Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.


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