Blog | Deniz Öncü waking up big time for a German GP repeat

Deniz Öncü

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is going well. Lets talk about the last race (Sachsenring).


Before the race I watched the replay from 2017 maybe 20 times to refresh every important points to my head.


And maybe it was a bit late to realise it but I needed to get the understanding in myself and start to push to make more good races and finish in front.


So in the Sachsenring I concentrated 100% for the two races and at the end I got two perfect results.


Now I am really happy for the weekend. But it doesn't mean that everything is finished. It is a long way away from finished, we have five more races and I will do the same again and again.


So watch out when I see you guys in 3 weeks at the Red Bull Ring,



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