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David Salvador

Hi to everyone,

I'm going to tell you how my preseason is developing.

Last month I made many trips between Valencia and Madrid. There was a test that my team did in the Ricardo Tormo Circuit and I had to combine it with my training in Madrid and my secondary lessons.


First contact with my motorbike 3, I am in love haha

When I'm in Valencia, I always train with the motorbike and prepare myself physically with specific exercises.


The first thing I do in the morning is to exercise the strength of my body with my coach Samuel. We focus training on the parts of my body that require more power in racing.

Perfecting the technique of strength in the gym of the Ricardo Tormo circuit

After that, the fun part comes when I take the motorbike and we work in different circuits like Ricardo Tormo Circuit, La Ribera and many more.

We work on the configuration of the motorcycle, our goal is to improve my technical skills and we also try to achieve a good rhythm throughout the practicing on the track. The key is to make a quick turn and adapt it as quickly as possible to each different motorcycle we usually use.


To finish the sports program I do 40 minutes of "cardio" and before going to sleep I do my school work.

When I'm in Madrid, I go to high school every day combining them with my motorbike training in Indoor Madrid with Ivan, my other coach.

With Javier my sports psychologist

My mental training is also very important and in this part is Javier, my sports psychologist who helps me to be stronger day after day.

On weekends I ride a mountain bike with my uncle Juan. After that I go to the circuit with my father to take the motorbike for more than six hours. This time we were in Kotarr, Burgos with my Kawasaki 400, which I really enjoy.

Bicycle day with my uncle Juan

I will inform you soon about the next trainings of the month.

I really loved that you read me and gas!


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