Blog | David Salvador learns from his first dirt track training

David Salvador

Hey buddies!

We have kept going with the pre season during the whole February. I'm enjoying a lot with the trainings and I'm working very hard to reach the optimum level to start the season.

In these days I've used my time doing different kind of activities like dit track, endurance and bike training.


Within the dirt track activity it has been my very first time practicing this type of training and I liked it a lot. Besides, I realised that it's a plus for my riding learning so I have been really focused on improving my weakest points to transfer it to the real competition.


Related with the bicycle training I have taken the advantage of the amazing weather we had in Spain during February to do some bike routes in Madrid and Asturias. Biking it's one of my favourite hobbies therefore I try to practice as many times as I can.


I have also been training with my bike in many circuits and I had fun with some riders that it's always better as I am able to keep sharing experience with them.


The time to start the season is getting closer and I'm eager to step on the bike!

Talk to you soon!


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