Blog | David Salvador going flat out into 2020

David Salvador

Hey guys!

It's been a long time since we don't talked!

The beginning of the year has been full of activities after the holiday. I'm getting ready for the season and looking forward to startin it.


I had the first stage with Cuna de Campeones team, team that I will be participating with in the Moto3 World Junior Championship as I did last year.


We went to Fortuna Motorsport Circuit some weekend ago to take part in an endurance race. Together with my young mate Marco GarcĂ­a we could reach the top 2 of a very high level race, with many young and important riders most of them from Spain. It was a very fun race!


We are also drawing on winter days to keep training physically and mentally. I'm going everyday to the gym and also to the secondary school, where I started the 1st of "bachillerato", a very important pass in my academic career.


I'm eager to start the season really hard! Many races await us in 2020 and I feel confident to achieve good results in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup as well as in the World Junior Championship.

Let's keep working hard!!

See you soon!!


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