Blog | Darryn out of luck and out hurt in Misano | 2014

Darryn Binder

Hi All,

Misano - Round 12

An eventful weekend for me.

FP1 - The track was wet and was very slippery. I used the session to get a feeling for the track and to find good gearing because I had never ridden around the track in the rain and I just made as many laps as possible.

FP2 - Still wet and very slippery, I used the session to get a good feeling for the bike and a good setting for qualifying because we knew it was going to be wet.

Qp - The rain had stopped but the track was still wet so out we went on the wet weather tyres and lap by lap going faster. The track was drying but still very tricky as it was slippery and unfortunately the tricky conditions caught me out as I had a big crash, hitting my head very hard.

I went to the medical centre where they then sent me to the hospital for some scans. After having some scans they were worried about my neck so they then said I would have to stay in overnight at the hospital and they would send the scans through to a neuro surgeon to have a look at and see what he thought. The surgeon reported back to the doctors late Friday night saying that he didn’t see any problems and that in the morning I would have to go to another hospital for some final scans.

The final scans were clear and all was good so I was discharged and left the hospital. I went back to the track hoping I would be able to do the race but the medics did not clear me as I had hit my head in the crash and needed to rest.

I have been relaxing and taking it easy for the last couple of days in Spain. I will now start training and preparing for Aragon. We will be driving to Aragon on Thursday, I can’t believe that it is already the final race of the 2014 season.

See u there,

Darryn #40

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