Blog | Daijiro Sako riding into 2019

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Hello friends!

Cold weather is here in to Catalonia and I´ve started to train with my MX bike.

There´s a motocross circuit very near to my house, so my father doesn't have to drive me far.


I have fun with the mud and potholes but on the other hand, when I finish my session, I have to clean up my bike and all the stuff, and that is not so funny!

Although it's winter, we have had some weekends with warm temperature and I´ve gone training on asphalt circuits, both on karting and large circuits.

At the karting of Mora d´Ebre I fell down searching the limits of the tire. I was ok but I gave my father a lot of work to fix my motorbike (sorry dad!).

On my free weekend afternoons, now that it gets dark early, I turn on my PS4 and play MotoGP. (Main photo)


I try different circuits, different bikes and different riders, and last day I tried being my friend Xavier Artigas at the Rookies Cup on Jerez circuit and I did it quite well.

So, as 2019 is near, I hope that you all enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones,do good and have happy days.


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