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Daijiro Sako

Hello everybody!

Here I am, in the Jerez Circuit, at the first round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, bewitched with all my idols of MotoGP, seeing my mates ride and enjoy.... AND I ONLY CAN WATCH!!

I´ve been declared not fit to ride this race because of an injury I have on my shoulder.

I crashed on the second race of the European Talent Cup last week at Valencia.


It was a pity because I was at the front group fighting for the podium, like at the first race, that I finished fourth, leading the group sometimes.

Certainly this year has started for my quite hard but I think this are things of this sport.


I'm jealous of my colleagues but I'll try to learn all as possible looking at the others.

Today I've had a pleasant visit from Mr. Gonzalo Gobert, President of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo and Mr. Julián Miralles, Headman of the riders school and team Cuna de Campeones that help me a lot on my sports career.
Biting my nails, I will see the races of my mates.


I wish good luck to all of them and... May the best win.

I want to thank all the staff of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup to bring me this opportunity that only 25 teenagers around the world have!

Thanks for reading.


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